Our company Hummel

Friday 18th November

The presentations of the companies

At 9 o’clock the first presentation started from the company named Hummel. They told us allot about the history of the company and what the company is doing nowadays. Hummel is a Danish manufacturer of sportswear and accessories. The company produces for sports like football, handball, basketball, rugby, cricket and volleyball. The company was founded in 1923 by the family Messmer in Hamburg, Germany. That makes the company one of the oldest companies in sportswear. Hummel is currently located in Aarhus, Denmark.

They explained their customers are mainly men and the percentage of women who shop by Hummel do not often shop for themselves. The last part of their presentation was about their new shoes collection. How they came with the idea to produce these shoes and what the story behind this process is.


The next presentation was from the company WOUD. WOUD offers a high quality range of design furniture, lighting and home accessories. Their mission is to create long-lasting original design within a universe where every product has a meaning, a purpose and a function. Their designs radiate ”love at first sight” through colours, textiles, wood and aesthetics.

After the two presentations, the teachers revealed which groups are going to work for which company. The groups with a furniture student are going to work with WOUD and the other groups are going to work with Hummel. We are a group with two fashion design students, one pattern design student, one retail marketing student and one branding and marketing management student. So this means we are going to work with the company Hummel.



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