Research proposal

Tuesday 22nd November

Working on our research proposal

Everybody read the first three chapters of the book associated to this project. This was a agreement so every group member knows what to do with the research proposal. All the group members have different ideas about the topic. Today will be the day that we will discuss which idea could help us the most during this project.

We started with making a wordweb, with all the things we thought are important. From there we made the topic and the problem statement.

At the end of the day we made two points of point one of the research proposal. Our topic will be ” Introducing an activewear collection for women between the ages 18 and 30”. 

The reason behind it would be the fact that only 30% of the consumers of Hummel are women. Many women from that percentage do not buy clothing for themselves. The hole reason behind this decision will be shown in our report.

The problem statement concludes one main question and several sub-questions.

How can an activewear collection for Hummel be established for women between ages 18 and 30 in order to be beneficial (add value) both for the brand and the chosen target group?

  • What do woman between ages 18 and 30 expect an need form an activewear collection by Hummel?
  • How can a collection be designed by incorporating Hummel’s design DNA and relevant lifestyle trends to create an iconic collection to attract the chosen target group?
  • How can an activewear collection for Hummel be marketed to make sure that it sends out among their competitors?
  • How can the collection be promoted and sold to bring it closer to the chosen broader female target group?

After this we have to finish point 1 and make point 2,3 and 4.


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